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The Guitar Trade Centre has joined forces with Kenny’s Music to bring you the best in pre-owned and vintage music gear. In this new phase, The Guitar Trade Centre has transformed into Kenny’s Music Pre-Owned and Vintage


These are incredibly exciting times, and our commitment to becoming the UK's home of pre-owned music gear has taken a massive stride forwards. By combining the passions of The Guitar Trade Centre and Kenny’s Music, we will continue to deliver the best service possible, build rapport with our valued customers, and provide a personal touch that is often lacking in the industry. 


Now based in the Kenny’s Music Glasgow store at 61-63 Jamaica Street, G1 4NN, you can explore our treasure trove of brilliant instruments as well as shop our full catalogue on the Kenny’s Music website. We’re looking forward to hearing all of your brilliant guitar stories, continuing to learn about you and your needs, and getting the perfect instrument in your hands! 

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