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Guitar Repair Services

At The Guitar Trade Centre, we understand that your cherished guitar can often develop issues over time. That could be caused to where its stored, how its used, the rigours of gigging/touring or just through lack of experience in terms of adjusting your own guitar.

Our aim is to carry out all levels of repairs on your prized possession, to a high standard, to resolve any issues and have your guitar playing better than its ever been.

Lots of players just "Deal with it" when there is an issue with your guitar. You shouldn't need to. Playing should be enjoyable and its amazing how a set up can change your view of your current guitar in a positive way and even inspire you to play.

We offer lots of guitar repair services such as but not limited to:


Set up

Pickup swaps & wiring mods

Neck repairs

Refrets and fret level

Basically anything you need done we can do for you.

We offer a service to a very high standard, at an affordable price that'll give the big shops a beating AND have a faster turnaround time too. Don't delay, get in touch today and we can get your guitar booked in. Walk ins welcome and we can work out turnaround times to suit you and your schedule.

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