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What is a consignment sale?

A consignment sale in a nutshell, is basically we sell your guitar for you.

The process involves you making contact with us via any method that suits you best (Give us a call or pop in and see us). We would go through the gear you have for sale. We would work out a value on each that you are happy with in your pocket. That value is then the reserve on your guitar. We keep anything above that price. No matter what we sell the guitar for, you get the price that we agree before hand.

After this has been agreed, we sign the necessary paperwork with you, we make arrangements to get the guitar/s to our store (Lots of options for this). We then go through each and make sure they are what we would expect from an originality point of view as well as playability point of view. We would then get a professional photoshoot done for each guitar, obtain all the specs and then firstly use our vast network of existing contacts to try and sell them before they go on the open market. Failing that we would then put it on our social media channels along with all of our usual selling platforms.

The guitar would be available in store for customers to try. During which times we would negotiate the sale on your behalf, we would allow part exchange on each guitar as well as offering finance option via our website.

We as a business offer worldwide shipping which opens your guitar up to the world.

So we do the advertising, the photography, the spec and description, accept part ex, offer finance, worldwide shipping as well as the option of personal UK wide delivery. Additionally we attend the UK wide guitar shows too which put your guitars into the hands of players all over the UK. Your part in all of this? You hand the guitar over to us (Fully insured) and we do the rest. Then send you the money once its sold.

In the rare occurrence that it doesn't sell or you change your mind then you can come back for the guitar anytime you like. We have a standing agreement that should you do this and we have done any work to the guitar, generally a set up and strings, we would ask that you cover this cost. (99.9% of the time we get the guitar sold though)

We are happy to take guitars, pedal and amps. Amps must pass a PAT test which is done inhouse first.

We are also happy to take one off guitars or a large collection at once. If you have 100 guitars, we can manage that for you.

Stress free, we do all the leg work and you get paid a little less that you'd have got doing it all by yourself IF you had managed to successfully (Lots of scammers out there these days). Sound like a worthwhile service to me.

If you would like to take advantage of this service then please get in touch today to start this off. Even if you are at the other end of the country we can make it work. That works best if there's a few guitars rather than just one, however there are ways and means,

Nowhere else in Glasgow can match us for this level of service and we WILL get your guitar sold for you. Its what we do BEST!

We look forward to hearing from you


The Guitar Trade Centre

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