Welcome to The Guitar Trade Centre.

TGTC has been set up in 2021 by our Owner/Director Jim Ramsay. Jim has been submersed in guitar from a young age. Over the last 10 years or so he has been running facebook guitar buy and sell groups and has been relied on by lots of members for his in depth knowledge of guitar, specialising in Epiphone/Gibson models amongst others. (Pictured right playing a 1957 Les Paul Standard)

The common question asked is "Why dont you set up you're own guitar business."...so he did and here it is.

The purpose of TGTC is to source and bring to market a selection of high quality yet affordable guitars that most people would love to have in their collection. We obviously have to cater for players of all levels and budgets but the idea is still the same, high quality, affordable in terms of the current market values, in great condition and readily available. Back all this up an amazing customer service experience and the ability to post to anywhere in the UK and what you get is The Guitar Trade Centre.

We opened our premises at 20 Battlefield Road, Glasgow, G42 9QH this year and we happily invite you all down to come and meet us.