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The Guitar

This a 2017 PRS Wood Library Single Cut 594


The Spec

Mahogany Body

High Grade Quilted Maple Cap

Full Rosewood Neck (Neck and Fretboard)

Pattern Vintage Neck Profile

Neck depth at 1st fret - 0.89", neck depth at 12th fret - 0.95"

PRS 58/15 LT Pickups - With Coil Splits

Phase III Non-Locking Tuners


Weight 9 lbs 2 oz



The Condition
This PRS is in brilliant condition, Near mint bar light surface scratches from use. One tiny little mark on the edge of the headstock.

The frets are in great condition with minimal wear if any.

The electrics are all original for fully working.


The Set Up

This PRS has been through our inhouse set up process and had a set of D'Addario 10s.


Whats Included

This PRS comes with its original hardcase and case candy shown.

2017 PRS Wood Library Single Cut 594

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