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The Guitar

This a 1981 Rickenbacker 320 in Jetglo


The Spec

Maple Body

Maple Neck

Bubinga Fretboard

Medium C Neck Profile

Neck depth at 1st fret - 0.90", neck depth at 10th fret - 0.90"

3x Rickenbacker single coil pickups

Replaced tuners - Schaller


Weight 7 lbs 2 oz


The Condition
This Rickenbacker in in great condition for its age. Surface marks as expected.

Some bumps and dings. A few small chips here or there.

Some wear marks at the edges where it has contact with your body.

The neck is in great condition. Some play wear as shown.

Some small nicks on the edge of the headstock and horns on the body.

The frets are in good condition for its age. Some wear as expected but no issues.

The electronics have been fully tested and work perfectly.


Whats Included

This Rickenbacker comes with its original hardcase. The two catches have lost the little clips inside.

1981 Rickenbacker 320 in Jetglo

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